About Bernelius

Bernelius is a rock entity from Norway. In 2014, as close to the arctic circle as you can possibly get without freezing your balls off, Bernelius set out to create the ultimate rock’n’roll opus, which would three years later become the album “Space Drifter”.

Space Drifter is the debut album and brainchild of Norwegian musician Bernelius. All steps of the process; writing, recording and producing, were done by himself. Because of an over-arching plot and recurring characters, some would call it a concept album. With his signature dark and gritty outlook, each song tells a compelling story of despair, hopelessness and the human condition wrapped up in a blanket of fuzz and loud guitars.

For those all too familiar evenings, sitting by yourself on your pirate ship, accompanied only by a bottle of rum after euthanising your ever-loyal crew, “Cocoon” will guide you through the seven emotional stages of post-murder.

Other times you might desire something more manic. In this case, I’d like to introduce you to “Grand Vizier Blues”. A four-and-a-half minute foray into the madness that is Bernelius, it transports you through its highs and lows with a menacing determination.

Just give it a listen. You won’t regret it.


Disclaimer: Bernelius will not be held responsible if you listened to the album and actually somehow regret it.